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I’m Daniel, Perth’s Leading SEO Consultant.

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I develop holistic, results-focused SEO campaigns for businesses that thrive in high-competition niches.

Whether you are looking to protect your position or become an authority in your industry. Investing intelligently in a comprehensive organic search strategy is the key to ensuring the success of your online growth. Know that your digital investment is protected by working with an industry-leading SEO consultant that has worked with ASX-listed companies and Perth’s top digital marketing agencies.

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Commercially-Driven SEO For Brands Serious About Growth.

Partner with me and become one of a select few who have access to an industry-leading organic search professional. I devise personalised, tailored organic search strategies focusing on what you need to achieve measurable results. Your SEO campaign will get the attention touch that SEO agencies cannot offer.

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Client Testimonial

“Daniel was able to get us to position one within 3 months for our primary keyword “beauty salon perth“. The results have been incredible. Both our in-store and online eCommerce sales have increased dramatically. ” – Jana from: Jana Beauty AU

Improve Technical integrity, Relevancy, & Authority

Comprehensive & All-Inclusive SEO Strategy

An in-depth analysis of your website’s content, technical integrity and backlink profile. In addition to this, I will review what past work may have been carried out by other Perth SEO agencies, as this can often be the cause of issues.

1) Increase Website Authority

Off-Site SEO (Link Building)

What is Link Building?

Off-site SEO is the optimisation of the ranking-factors outside of the website. The focus of off-site SEO is to optimise the backlink profile of a website. Search engine algorithms identify the links that point to websites to determine their credibility. Links from other websites pass on what is called “PageRank”, which is the value that is assigned to a web page.

Link building is the process of acquiring inbound links from other websites. Links are acquired through digital PR campaigns. A digital PR link building strategy relies on producing valuable content and syndicating it via press releases and organic outreach. In order to run an effective digital PR campaign, you need to have relationships with publishers, online journalists, and bloggers.

There are various forms of link building, such as:

  • Outreach
  • Press Releases
  • Guest Posting
  • Citation Building

How We Drive Results Through Link Building

Most SEO agencies in Perth buy links (against Google’s guidelines), or do no link building at all. The Perth SEO Agency specialises in link building through digital PR. This is made possible only through a network of contacts across a wide variety of publishing niches.

2) Improve Technical Integrity

Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the optimisation of non-content elements on a website. Technical SEO involves the optimisation of a website’s code and server so that search engines can effectively crawl, index, and understand its content.

  • Page Speed
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Crawlability
  • Security (SSL)
  • Sitemap and Robots.txt
  • Structured Data Markup

How We Leverage Technical SEO

With a comprehensive knowledge of technical onsite optimisation and a broad range of development capabilities, no technical SEO issue will go unresolved.

3) Improve Content Relevancy

Content Optimisation

What is Content Optimisation?

Content optimisation is the process of writing and structuring content so that search engines determine it to be the best resolution to the search intent of its users and therefore rank it higher in search results.

  • Content Auditing
  • Entity Analysis
  • Semantically Structured Content
  • Google Natural Language (NLP) Processing
  • Content Briefs
  • Keyword Research

How Data Analysis Produces Content That Ranks

By using Google’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm, I analyse the topics and keywords that Google identifies on the web pages of your top-ranking competitors. I then use this data to evaluate how well relevant topics are covered in your content. Following this, I prepare a content brief and writing guidelines that specify which topics need to be covered, and the context they are to appear in.

My content optimisation process is unique. It uses my own custom python script paired with Google’s publically available (but rarely utilised) Natural Programming algorithm.

Things You Need to Know

First and foremost, your content needs to convert users into paying customers. If your agency has sold you on the idea that your website needs bulk content stuffed with keywords, this is not the case. How I produce content:

  1. Write for people first, search second.
  2. I don’t do keyword stuffing.
  3. Conversion-focused content is key.

Who Will Write My Website Content?

I work with a handful of content specialists who specialise in different industries. That is why your content needs to be written by someone with experience in your industry; a person who will understand the unique value proposition of your business.

Complete Transparency & Accountability

Comprehensive & All-Inclusive SEO Strategy

1) SEO Audit

An in-depth analysis of your website’s content, technical integrity and backlink profile. In addition to this, I will review what past work may have been carried out by previous SEO agencies, as this can often be the cause of issues.

The audit of your website and current organic performance will be used to define the campaign’s deliverables. Following this, you will receive a report that details the state of your off-site and onsite SEO.

2) SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy will define a list of specific SEO deliverables and tasks. No fluff, padding, or anything you don’t need. The deliverables defined in your SEO strategy will focus on the technical integrity of your website, optimising the content and metadata, and increasing your website’s authority through a bespoke link building campaign.

The strategy will be inclusive of all link building (Digital PR), onsite technical SEO, content optimisation and content development.

3) SEO Campaign

Your SEO campaign will work to a set campaign timeline. This means you will know what SEO tasks are being performed and when. No changes will be made to your website without your consent.

Following the inception of your SEO campaign, we will work as a team to stick to the campaign timeline and execute the predefined SEO tasks and deliverables. Whether you wish to sign off on changes or not is up to you, and we can work to your schedule.

Industry-Leading SEO Consultant

Drive Organic Growth With SEO

Outmanoeuvre your competition by implementing a superior strategy. To outrank your competition, you need to build more links, present better content, and have a fundamentally flawless site. As an industry-leading SEO consultant, I have worked with a wide range of businesses ranging from Perth gyms and beauty salons to enterprise ASX-listed companies.

There are hundreds of “SEO experts” in Perth. Most of whom operate with no accountability for results or deliverables. By partnering with an SEO consultant, you have a direct line to the person carrying out the work. All work carried out is reported on a monthly basis. You will never have to chase up a response or wonder where your investment in SEO is going.